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top PARABLE Walker

Many Reasons to Give Thanks!

Growing up, Thanksgiving was always a great gathering that included scores of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents (my dad is the youngest of thirteen and my mom is one of ten siblings). It was pure chaos, but we loved being together.

I cherish those childhood memories and continue to keep family at the center of our Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving, though, has taken on greater meaning over the last 20 months given all we have been through together.

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top PARABLE CCNH NewGeneration

New Generation Flourishes Under Catholic Charities Umbrella

By Gary Bouchard

(Pictured above: Catholic Charities New Hampshire President and CEO Tom Blonski with Elsy Cipriani, executive director of New Generation)

Back in the 1960s, the late Ruthie Ford began working with Catholic Charities New Hampshire to help Seacoast women in need and went on to found Seacoast Birthright in 1976. When Ruthie discovered that most of the women they served lacked a place to live, she co-founded New Generation in 1987 in a donated house. Its mission is to help pregnant women and single mothers build more self-sufficient lives through family-oriented transitional housing, aftercare services and a variety of support programs.

Since then, New Generation has helped more than 1,700 women and their children. Now the fruit of Ruthie’s and her family’s long commitment to this mission formally became part of Catholic Charities NH (CCNH), where Ruthie began her volunteer work six decades ago and where she and her husband, Pat, served as board members.

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top PARABLE StJ Ethics

Health Care Ethics Consultations: Our Continuing Commitment to Mission

Imagine an 89-year mother has fallen ill and is in the hospital. Her doctor has shared with her three children that the end is near. The mom has an advanced care directive that clearly outlines her wishes – she’d like to pass peacefully without any medical intervention. However, the youngest daughter isn’t ready to say goodbye and would prefer the doctor take whatever measures necessary to prolong her mom’s life. The two older children disagree. The siblings are struggling to agree that carrying out their mom’s last wishes is the right thing to do. What happens next? At St. Joseph Hospital, the family will be afforded the opportunity for a consultation with a certified ethicist.

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