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CMC Seeks to Become Best Catholic Hospital in Nation

One of the things I love most about Catholic Medical Center is its rich and iconic Catholic history in Manchester. You likely know that Sacred Heart Hospital was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1892 and Notre Dame Hospital was founded by Msgr. Pierre Hevey, then pastor of Ste. Marie Parish, in 1894. Back then, health care was a luxury that many — especially immigrant mill workers — could not afford. A hospital then might also turn you away for your religion, including being Catholic. All that changed when Sacred Heart opened and then-Bishop Denis Bradley announced the admission requirements: “None — except, of course, to be sick. The hospital makes no distinction of color, race or creed.”

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CareGivers Help Seniors Live Independently With Dignity

Manchester resident Elaine Stewart pauses then shares one of her favorite lines from Matthew 25:40: “ Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

That verse comes to mind when she reflects on CareGivers, a program of Catholic Charities NH. For her, CareGivers is not just the reason that she is able to live independently. It is her lifeline.

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Brain Games and Fun Activities Keep Seniors Engaged, Happy

Several studies consistently indicate that brain games can help maintain, or even improve, a senior’s cognitive abilities. And it’s common knowledge that a little fun goes a long way toward making anyone feel happy and connected to others.

“Brain games and having fun can help keep our brains active and hearts happy,” shares Raymond Suarez, MD, medical director of St. Joseph Hospital’s Senior Behavioral Health Unit. “Both are an important part of a senior’s overall wellness along with good nutrition and physical activity.”

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