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Bishop's Charitable Assistance Fund Raises $225,000

September 14, 2021

Bishop's Charitable Assistance Fund Raises $225,000

Seventh Annual Vita et Caritas Award given to Shalimar Encarnacion,
CSF Parent Ambassador, Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire

(MANCHESTER, NH) – The 2021 Bishop’s Summer Reception to benefit the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund (BCAF) was held virtually on Thursday, September 9, via the diocesan website, www.catholicnh.org/bcaf. This year’s Reception celebrated a successful campaign that raised more than $225,000. Now in its 36th year, the BCAF has raised more than $7 million to assist organizations that improve the quality of life and provide the basic essentials for individuals and families in New Hampshire, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

Bishop Peter Libasci said, “The generosity that inspired so many to increase their gifts this year, despite the hardships - or more likely- because you knew how much more your gift would mean in the face of such need, made this year’s appeal all the more successful, astonishing and gratifying. God reward you all for your generosity and goodness of heart.”

Alex and Lisa Walker co-chaired the 2021 campaign. Alex noted that the total amount raised, $225,045, was made up of “over 130 individual gifts, and over $65,000 in new or increased gifts.”

Addressing the Fund’s donors, Lisa said, “Since 1985, the BCAF has raised over 7 million dollars thanks to generous donations such as yours. Bishop Libasci and our past bishops have used these donations to help fund non-profit organizations serving those most in need and helping to provide basic services, such as food, shelter, heat, medical care and many other services.”

A highlight of the Reception is the presentation of the annual Vita et Caritas Award to Shalimar Encarnacion. The award, given in memory of the late Ruthie Ford, recognizes a volunteer who demonstrates exceptional service to a non-profit organization assisting women, children and/or families.

Shalimar Encarnacion has been instrumental in the statewide growth of the scholarship program for underprivileged New Hampshire children. She provides translation and interpretation service to the Children’s Scholarship Fund and families that need assistance. She promotes school choice and their scholarships by representing them in community organizations, at events and in the media.

As an invaluable volunteer, Shalimar’s strong desire to be an effective leader is woven into her daily life by her involvement on behalf of school choice, in the NH State Legislature, where she has volunteered countless hours through her own testimonies, and through her direct efforts to support the Children’s Scholarship Fund by assisting parent and supporting their work. She engages in activities that positively impact our community and leading her organization leadership skills to the service of New Hampshire children.

Shalimar takes the time to really listen and to understand the challenges before the Children’s Scholarship Fund, whether it is assisting parent in utilizing the scholarship program, outreach and mentoring, or speaking up on behalf of the scholarship program in the Legislature. Shalimar is a champion for school choice, a champion for NH children, and an invaluable partner to them at the Children’s Scholarship Fund that has impacted the lives of hundreds of children.

Shalimar lives in Manchester and has three children and three grandchildren. One of her children was blessed with a scholarship to St. Casimir School and from that point on, she gave her time and talent to the Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire.

To learn more about the Vita et Caritas Award recipient and the Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire, please visit www.catholicnh.org/vca.

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About the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund: The Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund is a not-for-profit organization within the Catholic Church in New Hampshire. The Fund enables the Bishop of Manchester, through a volunteer board of directors, to make grants to not-for-profit organizations, without regard to religious affiliation, for projects that help people in New Hampshire meet their basic needs. The Bishop’s Summer Reception, begun in 1985, accepts donations that serve as the sole source of support for the Fund. For more information about the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund, visit www.catholicnh.org/bcaf.